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This blog area is intended to deliver tons of all sorts of content about the Cannabis and industry itself .I intend on going over as many subjects as I can to educate the masses on Cannabis from not only a consumption point of view, but also medical purposes along with cultivation (growing).

This blog feels a little surreal as I write it. I remember watching True Life: I'm addicted to Weed and the one particular remember about that episode was a Colorado resident. It was post 2012 after medicals laws had passed and this guy was writing weed blogs but struggling to meet ends meet. I remember him talking about the potential benefits of Cannabis and all sorts of stuff. Then I remember thinking to myself.... Man thats stupid. Who wants to smoke weed and write blogs about it?

Fast forward several years later and I'm that stupid idiot writing Cannabis blogs, well Cannabis and Fitness blogs. They both got hand and hand but also can be done separately as well..... although I haven't separated the 2 in quite some time.

I intend on sharing my Cannabis adventures with you all as I try different strains or concentrates, visit dispensaries or grow operations, test devices & accessories, attend seminars, and learn legalities and compliance. So much learn to learn about Cannabis and multitude of benefits that derive from it.

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