What does Kush Pump stand for?

Kush Pump intends to serve as the home for the FitStoners. Don't believe the Refer Madness bullshit. Cannabis consumption has nothing to do with being lazy or the work ethic of someone. Education & Awareness Unforunately there is tons of misinformation about Cannabis out there. Whether it be urban myths, propoganda or just misinformation. There is no better time to clear the air on what exactly this plant is, and the opportunities that exist from it.

Rights For Patients and Minorities The battle is far from done and Kush Pump in the future will do what it can to help the educate patients, (minority) communities, and athletes that can benefit from the medicinal benefits from the plant.

Cannabis and Minorities is another topic I will touch on later. It's a complicated logistic issue that has worked against those communities for reason we will discuss later.

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