Introduction to Outdoor Cannabis Gardening

Outdoor Cannabis Gardening


Outdoor gardening is by far the easiest and most economical way to grow your Kush. The power of the sun essentially does most of the work for you. There are few things to consider to maximize your plants potential however. Light exposure, water exposure, and the size of the containers you place your plants in.

In the northern hemisphere it is best to place your plants southern facing so that they are exposed to the greatest amount of light throughout the day. This can be detrimental to backyard gardeners achieving the greatest amount of light, so that the plants can reach their fastest rate of growth. Placing the plants close to your home facing east or west will greatly limit the amount of direct sunlight they are exposed to throughout the day. Another thing that many gardeners practice is light deprivation. Let’s say you have nosey neighbors and you can’t risk allowing a plant to grow over 5-6 feet. If this is the case you can use a wooden frame and a tarp to initiate flowering even while dealing with the long summer days. This can also be done if you want to get a head start vegetating your plants indoors and save yourself money by flowering them outside during the warmer months.

Ensuring that your plants have adequate water is essential! With the accelerated growth that occurs outdoors, your plants can use a tremendous amount of water throughout the outdoor season. In wetter climates many can get by thanks to rain fall. In dryer climates however you may have to supplement from a secondary water source. Planting in the ground can help buy you some time throughout dryer times of the season, but in containers you will want to closely monitor your plants moisture levels.

Lastly the size of your containers will dictate the size that your plants will finish at. If you choose to grow in containers your plants will typically take up 1 cubic ft of space for every gallon of your container. Using containers allows you to ensure your plants are only in nutrient rich soil and are not subject to potential compromising minerals in the ground. That being said you can also dig holes in the ground and create a large base of nutrient rich soil and plant into the ground. Planting into the ground allows your plants to grow to their full physical potential. Outdoors is a great way for any cannabis lover to test the waters with growing their own Kush. As long as you take these few things into consideration you will be amazed at the quality and the amount of cannabis that good old Mother Nature can produce. You can look forward to future articles on specific

articles pertaining to light deprivation, green house cultivation, and advanced irrigation practices.

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