White Nightmare | Strain of the Week

Last week I was making my dispensary runs and I came across a new Banger. And no I'm not referring to a music tune, quartz nail or past relationship. Its a dope strain I picked up from Champion Cannabis aka The Lodge (recent name change).

Now when they told me this strain was a good 'sativa hybrid' and I would like it I wasn't really sure what to expect. But they know me and I trust the budtenders there. A1 customer support there by the way.

The nugs were covered with white frosty trichomes so I at least immediately knew the name had some physical representation when it came to naming this strain. Sometimes names mean absolutely nothing. I had not smoked it yet but the smell had thrown me off. It was a very EARTHY smell with a light citrus scent to it. And let me say I don't always like heavy earthy strains. I prefer more of Pine type taste from a Flo. I've noticed the heavy earthy smell strain don't sit well with me. Sometimes I can get anxiety or 'weird thought syndrome' we shall call it. Its not always a racey heart reaction per say. ​​ Upon breaking up the kush up and rolling it in a joint I knew it was about to be FIRE. The jointed tasted of blue dream crossed with dominant Haze after taste. The ashes burned proper as can be and immediately after a few hits I felt that great head high coming strong.

I enjoyed the whole fucking thing and didn't even ash it. I just let the flame go out by itself at the end. Then about 20 minutes another high kicks in but its more of a body high.... and THAT is when I sat there and said "Whew, holy shit Lamar you're high AF right now". I went to the gym and smashed a workout with a nice good head high yet perfect body high that did not effect my gym performance. This strain hit the nail on the head for this week. I will also say, if your not a 4 Star Kush athlete. DO NOT smoke this strain before the gym. Or atleast micro dose it with bong rips. Either way bring on the heat baby and GET LIFTED!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned to this blog as I go over more stuff Kush Pump advice for the gym, strains to try, and other weird stuff that only us fitstoners know about and understand.

This is the KUSH PUMP MOVEMENT! Here for all athletes or people that consume cannabis and get shit down in the weight room. Any questions about Cannabis relating to your fitness routine. Feel free to e-mail at LB@Kushpump.net

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