White Nightmare | Strain of the Week

Last week I was making my dispensary runs and I came across a new Banger. And no I'm not referring to a music tune, quartz nail or past relationship. Its a dope strain I picked up from Champion Cannabis aka The Lodge (recent name change).

Now when they told me this strain was a good 'sativa hybrid' and I would like it I wasn't really sure what to expect. But they know me and I trust the budtenders there. A1 customer support there by the way.

The nugs were covered with white frosty trichomes so I at least immediately knew the name had some physical representation when it came to naming this strain. Sometimes names mean absolutely nothing. I had not smoked it yet but the smell had thrown me off. It was a very EARTHY smell with a light citrus scent to it. And let me say I don't always like heavy earthy strains. I prefer more of Pine type taste from a Flo. I've noticed the heavy earthy smell strain don't sit well with me. Sometimes I can get anxiety or 'weird thought syndrome' we shall ca