Wiz 420 Freestyle

Last week on Youtube Wiz Khalifa uploaded a 3 minute freestyle demonstrating he still has flow and that Rolling Papers 2 is going to be exactly what the fans have been waiting for. This past fall came as a bit of a tease for fans as Wiz Khalifa mentioned Rolling Papers 2 a few times to only drop "Laugh Now, Fly Later". That mixtape/album served only as a few tracks to hold us over thru the drought. He said exactly that if you didn't listen to the LNFL. And let it be known that Wiz and Berner have a collabo project they did together called "Seed to Sale" which was complete as of Spring of 2017. So who knows what exactly could end up on the final version of Rolling Papers 2 but either way were expect Wiz to come thru some heat and I don't mean the KK. Leave your opinion in the comment section!

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