Kush Nutra Interviews Bryan Hill after Winning Arnold Classic Powerlifting Meet

This week Kush Nutra sits downwith Pro Powerlifter Bryan Hill out of Tennessee fresh off his awesome performance and victory at the Arnold Classic. First things first, at Kush Nutra we want to give you a huge congrats on the victory. We'll be sure to burn one this week in honor of the outcome but tells us how it feels right now.

Thanks, as you know I really appreciate y’all and your continued support! I’ve been with ya’ll since the beginning and it’s been a great ride this far! Now before we dive too deep into conversation. For the people who don't know you. Give us a brief introduction on how you got to where you are today.

Well I played baseball through college. From there I did a strength and conditioning internship. Which lead me getting into being a personal trainer full time as a profession. As far as my competitive career I got into CrossFit first in 2012, it was fun but wasn’t for me as I started to grow too much even with the all of the endurance involved. From there I did my first bodybuilding show in 2013 in men’s physique category. Fell in love with bodybuilding and stuck with that. Went thru some personal trials and took a lot of time off from the sport as far as competitions went. During that time I joined the gym that I’m currently at which was more of a powerlifting and strongman gym. I had some buddies tell me I should try it out and after two years of convincing I found my coach Christian Anto and did my first powerlifting meet in October of 2017 and have never looked back. What were you totals for each lift this past Arnold Classic meet?

On the squat I hit 775lbs successfully, on Bench I hit 495lbs successfully and on deadlift I hit 725lbs successfully.

I know choosing those lifting numbers for day of the meet can be mentally challenging. Were these numbers decided by you or your coach? Was there any last minute second guesses where you override the decision of your coach and did a different weight? Give us some insight on that this past weekend.

Well I'll start of by saying that me and my coach have great communication into expectations and what is realistic. So for the Bench and deadlift my numbers were chosen off of how I was peaking in prep and they were decided before the meet. I did endure some severe bicep tendinitis the last 3 weeks of prep which caused me to take a heavier opening bench than predicted because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to put up more than one successful attempt so I made the last minute decision during warms ups of meet day and thankfully it turned out to be a good one. Squat was a little more blurry because during the training session to pick my peaking numbers, my wrap came loose during my squat and caused me to fail the lift and it wasn’t safe to retake the lift. So me and my coach played an educated guessing game on squat numbers and he picked my first and second attempt and I picked my 3rd based on feel of the day.

You are the Champion.... and we always strive to be our best but was this the expected outcome? Or were you more focused on just having a good meet within yourself.

I fully expected to have the meet that I did. I know I have one of the best coaches in the world and I have full belief in my abilities and this is something that I had marked down on my vision board for 8 months. So all of my life choices were based around having a successful meet. Which isn’t an easier task in a performance based sport when travel and stress is in included. My mentality going into meets is to put up compatible numbers to win or to qualify for bigger higher stakes meets that are invite only. Fun Question..... Whats your favorite lift?

-I will say the bench is probably still my favorite lift because I’ve always dreamed of being a big benched. Unfortunately it’s my worst lift going right now but we have a game plan to improve upon that. What products are you using to keep training and recovery on point? Tell us about your nutrition and supplement regime?

-I take the basics man. Multivitamin, COQ10, reservatrol, fish and cod liver oil, probiotics, vitamin k12, and collagen. Of course I take the Kush nutra CBD oil tincture twice a day and use the recovery cream on my knees and elbows after training. Another one....Favorite Food?

My favorite meal that I still get is my power shake post workout which includes, frozen dark berries, vanilla protein, dry oats, peanut butter, spinach and a banana. My fav cheat is chocolate chip cookies. Whats your favorite CBD Product from Kush Nutra? How many Mgs of CBD are you using per day?

-I like both the tincture and the CBD pills and I’m still only using 30-50mgs a day and still getting desired results. What next in 2019 Year for You? Are we shutting down or just getting it started?

We are just getting started. I have a follow up meet planned for May 25th here in Memphis, Tn. I plan to compete at lighter bodyweight as well as put up a bigger total. Then I plan to get back on the bodybuilding stage for the Tennessee state championships in July! 

I believe athletes in general are some of the most interesting individuals around. Are there any weird day of competition superstitious stuff you do?

Not really but when I played baseball I was a gear junkie, I loved having 3-4 bats at a time, multiple batting’s gloves and cleats on hand. So thankfully the people over at Mark Bell slingshot hooked me up with a bunch of stuff in prep for the Arnold. But no weird stuff to me, I keep everything the same from training to meet day as I feel it helps carry over into consistency in performance.

Thanks for joining us today Bryan. Give us your social media and other forms of contact for people who want to reach out to you. Best of luck in the future competitions. Stay Lifted Brotha! You can follow me on the gram @Bryan_trill. On Facebook at Bryan Hill and on Snapchat @mrtrill. Also if y’all have any inquiries or questions you can DM me or email me at Trillfittraining@gmail.com I’m thankful to be apart of the team and I hope we can all keep growing through the year!

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