My Favorite Dispo | PART 1

As the Colorado market matures into the year 2020 were experiencing an interesting time in the market. Majority of the players in the game from the 2014-2016 scene have been long gone. The brief dip in the market of the last 2 years has whipped out a lot of the grows as margins got too thin and cost of running a grow exceeded those numbers. So just like your favorite restaurant that couldn't get it together things are now "under new management"

While the location is the same, the quality certainly is not.


The Pendulum of Power has swung and now the Colorado Rec market is leaving the consumer with a hunger for more flavors and good quality producers are not around like they used to be.

Without any further ado I'd like to introduce you to HIGH WEST CANNABIS located in Denver just a few miles NE of Downtown.


So after shopping there consistently for the past two years I will give you a few reasons why these people keep taking my money. I mean its really an arm twister......

#1 Flower Quality

With a collection of strains from Ethos, some Gelato crosses and a potent Sativa or two this operation brings the most consistency and flame across the board for all the strains. Top, middle and bottom are always done proper. The organic program is dialed in bringing the smoothest burning smoke in Colorado. HANDS DOWN The ashes are always chalk white and full of flavor in your lungs. Once you pull up to the shop on Flower Friday you'll understand the demand is certainty there for what they bring to the table.

#2 Present & Knowledgeable Ownership

Every Friday on Flower Friday when you walk in the door you'll a hand full of people whether its owners or upper management; they are always inquisitive on consumer feedback. HWC isn't one of these shops pumping mids to the consumer with no regard. Anytime people can stand behind the quality what they do and ask for consumer feedback is a place that will consistently get my money. I always appreciate when someone takes feedback into true consideration because not a lot of shops will do the same. They think because its green and weed people will buy it no matter what..... Ask Canopy how that business model is working out. #3 Menu Rotation One of the main issues with dispensaries and how they lose my attention is whether they produce decent product or not they don't rotate strains or the menu itself. There are some shops I do like but when its the same same strains in production since two years ago, to me that shows a lack of appealing to the customer. I'm tired AF of Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush and whatever else has been stuck in rotation just gets old. My palette deserves better. But this isn't HWC.... they are always rotating stuff in and out from the genetic archive and that is what keeps us coming back.

If I had to give my opinion on what do if you go shopping there I'd tell you to get their Lilac Diesel and some Gelato-Cake extracts. And don't be shy to tell them the guy from Kush Pump sent you.

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